Where did Dinosaurd come from?

There are 4 questions often asked about dinosaurs.
         Where did dinosaurs come from and how did they get here?
  1. When did most of the dinosaurs die out and become extinct?
  2. How did dinosaurs die out?
  3. Why did dinosaurs die out and become extinct?
  4. Why did dinosaurs die out and become extinct?
                Was there a big bang where nothing exploded and made everything?  Did a non-living environment suddenly develop life and form into dinosaurs over millions of years to eventually form our complex creatures of today and us as well?
                Is there an all-powerful creator that created everything from nothing?  Did an all-powerful creator make dinosaurs on day six as the Bible says?  Did an all-powerful creator create dinosaurs the same day he created the cow and man?
                We can go to the library, school, and the internet and learn how, in the 1800’s AD, Darwin developed the idea that all life came from a non-living gas.
                We can go to the Bible and learn how an all-powerful creator created life by His word as Moses penned down the words of God in the 1300’s BC.
                Let’s take a look at the events that occurred.

Evolution –
            1.       Nothing exploded into everything, non-living gas formed life and dinosaurs began to                      walk on earth a few million years ago.
            2.       A few million years ago dinosaurs began to die out.
            3.       A volcano erupted, or a big meteor hit the earth changing the climate and all the                     dinosaurs died out.
4.       With the stress of climate change on the dinosaurs, they became extinct.
All-Powerful Creator –
1.       A creator made all things, on day six He created dinosaurs along with all the animals and Adam and Eve.
2.       About 4000 years ago dinosaurs were destroyed by a world flood, all except two of each of them.
3.       The juvenile dinosaurs were let loose by Noah from his ark and they began to multiply again.
4.       Man began to hunt down dinosaurs, then called dragons, and to kill them for food and they feared them.   Man hunted the dragons and killed them into scarceness.  Many species of dinosaurs became extinct, and only a handful of dinosaurs are alive today.
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